Your new Cinematographer, taking the town by storm.

In the last 4 month Rob Filios has worked with 3 directors, shot two shorts and  the first two episodes of Time Quest.

Rob Filios is a Los Angeles-based Director of Photography. He has worked on sets of film and television for over a decade as a sound mixer working on every type of content imaginable. Now with a unique perspective, he is creating content across a wide range of genres – Sci-fi, drama and fantasy. Most recently he was the Cinematographer on a Sci-fi pilot filmed on location in France, New York, Africa and Death Valley with Director Serge Ramelli. 

He loves working in a collaborative environment that invites everyone to be involved in the creative process.  He has a very clear vision, but he’s also able to easily listen and hear others’ input while maintaining the course of the ship.  Rob is always upbeat and persists to make sure the product is great.

Rob studied film at The LA Film School graduating in 2006.

He has traveled all over the world, working on features and commercials in many locations including France, New York, Panama, China, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Egypt and Patagonia.